The Most Efficient Buildings Use 7 X Less Energy Than The Least Efficient...

Energy Savings

Buildings tell a story with their data.

We translate data into savings opportunities.

You take control of the data through:

  • Weekly and Monthly Performance Reports
  • Prioritized Savings Targets
  • Unexpected Consumption Alerts
  • Automated Data Relay
  • Easy Time-Series Downloads

Our Story

Over the past 18 months, we saved D.C. millions of dollars on electric bills by reducing rates and energy demand. We also worked with Pepco to create the first Green Button Connect service in the country.

Some of the projects we’ve helped create:

Buildsmart DC | Energy Kiosks program | DC Green Schools Challenge

Since 2012, we’ve realized more than $5M in savings for the District. We’ll save you money, too.


NCE has worked closely with Pepco, becoming the first third party to gain access to a live interval data feed via Green Button Connect.

Our deep integration with the Pepco platform makes it very simple for any Pepco customer to start analyzing their Green Button data today.

Additionally, New City Energy has worked with regional and national businesses covering all aspects of the green building landscape, including…

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